A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Have you ever heard of a proverb which consists of four or five sentences or more? Proverbs by their very nature are brief and concise. This need for brevity tends to make proverbs rather biased. This means that they do not cover all the aspects of the topic. They generally tend to project a one-sided view. Because of the popularity of proverbs they are often mistaken for the whole truth. They should, however, be evaluated properly before accepting them at face value.

To achieve proficiency in any field requires a lot of hard work. One must be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort. If one wants to be an artist it is necessary to give all of one’s attention to its pursuit. No matter how talented one is, becoming an artist cannot be an overnight achievement. Long hours of study and practice are necessary to achieve a degree of proficiency. It is also necessary to remain in constant practice.

We all learn by being taught and experience is the best teacher. In order to gain experience we must be able to keep doing any type of work for a certain length of time. We cannot hope to learn any skill well if we cannot devote enough time to it. Hopping from one interest to another will leave us with no particular skill learned.

Most people are brought up in the place where they are born. They live and work there. In this way they build themselves a base- a place they can call home. They establish an identity for themselves as permanent members of that particular community. Their families have a sense of belonging. A person who is constantly on the move; who moves from city to city or from country to country has no such advantage. Because he does not set up roots anywhere he has no place which he can call his own. He is in the true sense of the term, ‘a rolling stone’.