Getting the Answers From Your Own Questions

There are times when you ask a question to yourself and end up with two things. You will either have so many answers or you are left answered. This leads you to frustration. Ever thought why you are unanswered to your own question? It is mostly because you have plenty of things running in your mind.

A simple effort from your side can help you getting the answers of such questions. All you need to do is sit comfortably in a quiet place and write a random question three times on the paper and at the same time say it loudly to yourself. For an example, what will be your future this year?

Take a pause for a moment and pen down the first and foremost thing that appears in your mind. What you have done just now is nothing but free writing.

You are just doing what is popping up inside your head. Do not manipulate your answer by applying extra thought to it. You can even draw something what is there in your mind rather than writing it in words.

Ever seen a child drawing something? He/she just draws what is there in his/her mind. Treat yourself like a child and let your inner self come out on the paper. A hand that you do not use for writing or usual work will draw the best picture of the things popping inside your head.

It really does not matter if you are taking more than a usual time say 2 minutes, an hour or even more. The bottom line is to draw or write the thing in your mind completely. Take it as fun. After all it is not always that you are not being judged by anyone for your answers.

Now just close your eyes as well as start thinking about the answers that came to your mind when you heard the question. Just think about how you wrote all the stuffs. Now open your eyes and see your answer. This is a totally new thing that came solely from your mind without any enforcement. You need to welcome this fresh and new message of yours.

This entire process is called intuitive reading. And why not, it took out the thing from you that you were never being able to know. So now, when you do not find any answer for anything, just trust your intuition that you fail to notice because of your own logics. Intuition speaks about the gut feeling that comes first and foremost to our mind.