Overcoming Bed Wetting Quickly and Painlessly

I have been involved in Accelerated Learning for 20 years now, specialising in dyslexics and slow learners. Naturally one begins to see patterns pretty quickly and one of the most obvious was anxiety or second stage tension in 99% of the children. That was to be expected.

What I didn’t expect was the small army of bed wetters, though that fact was not always divulged within the 4 sessions it took to learn my techniques. However I developed two techniques for all my students to combat the stress factor. Through my post graduate work in stress management I knew the importance of a calm, alert mind to the learning process and how anxiety and tension could come close to destroying that process completely.

The technique I adapted and developed for the under 12s, The Magic Garden, had a very pleasant, and at the time unexpected, secondary benefit. It stopped bedwetting in around 10 days. Nightmares and sleepwalking were also reported to stop around this point. (Some of the parent testimonials on the website refer to this.)

During my first year of seeing students, the parents of the juniors who were receiving the Magic Garden tape I made for them (no CDs back in the 80’s), began telling me that their child’s bed wetting had stopped, usually within a week to ten days of playing the Magic Garden as the child lay in bed ready for sleep.

Though this wasn’t the intention of the technique I was delighted because this added to the new found confidence of the children generally, all of which helped the learning process. It was at this point that I learned of the years of trauma and embarrassment that bed wetting had caused and at times, the phenomenal amount of money spent on techniques and alarms that were next to useless or took for ever to produce results.

I am pleased to report that 20 years later the Magic Garden is one of the biggest sellers on the website. There is now a written version which is in 7 languages so parents can read the story to their children.

Feel free to email me for details of the Magic Garden, I never tire of speaking about it: [email protected]